Cancellation and refund terms varies according to rate type, date of booking and special offer you have chosen . Cancellation, modification, refund and application of voucher code is not possible on prepaid rates after reservation is confirmed.

On Flexible Rates total amount of your reservation will be charged to your credit card while checking-in to hotel, Aykan Otelcilik Ltd Sti has a right to pre-authorize credit card registered prior to your arrival. In the final stage of your booking, there will be a confirmation box and a link named as ‘I read and accept the term and conditions’. When you click this underlined link you will find specific term and and conditions about your rate choice. Marking that box near this link means that you read, understand and accepted this agreement. Payments for prepaid rates are accepted only from “3D secure” capable Mastercards, “Verified by Visa” capable Visa, American Express “Safe Key” capable credit cards or debit cards or “verified” Paypal users. Total amount of your reservation will be charged to your credit card with the currency displayed at screen. Please be sure that your credit card is open to transactions with the currency displayed, otherwise your credit card or bank or paypal may charge you a fee to make the currency exchange.

So it is strongly recommended to read term and conditions specific to your booking before completing your reservation.

We use segmented dynamic pricing to room rates connected primarily to date of stay but also secondarily to date of reservation and room availability, etc. The room rates are subject to change until reservation is confirmed. Usually the more you book at early date, the more you find lower room rates at our website. Rarely later on, there may be lower room rates for limited number of rooms. Aykan Otelcilik Ltd Sti. does NOT guarentee always lower room rates to any date of stay for earlier dates of booking from this website.

If you have children at reservation staying with you, beware that children prices are calculated up tochildren ages at the date of check-in. If there is a mismatch of children ages between you entered to website and passport ages calculated up to check-in date, extra fee will be charged while checking in to the hotel, with your knowledge.